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TV Series: 1969-1974
imdb.jpg BD Rating: Season 3= D Season 4 = C-; Season 5 =


The later years of this show featured beautiful Maureen McCormick ("Marcia") as a junior, and then senior in high school. She was usually in mini-skirts and sheer pantyhose. 'Jan' (Eve Plum) also blossomed into a good looking girl sporting such outfits as well. Florence Henderson as 'Carol' (the Wife/Mother) looked outstanding in mini skirts & pantyhose too

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Season 3 Summary

Some early hints what the trend line, or in this case hemline also, was: up! Maureen McCormick wore what looked to be nude, perhaps off-suntan (or poor quality brand), pantyhose during most of this season, but in episode 21 donned some wonderful off-black pantyhose, then wore better quality suntan pantyhose, the best episode #23 for the latter in that regard, setting the stage for continued “exploration” into hosiery in the series’ fourth and fifth seasons.

Season 3, Episode 4

At 24’04”, Maureen McCormick in a blue ballerina outfit, Eve Plumb in a pink one.

Season 3, Episode 5

Maureen McCormick in a red/white/blue micro-mini, nude pantyhose: 6’31”, 8’18”, 8’56”+, 10’33”+. At 17’43”+, a brunette in plaid micro, off-black pantyhose. At 19’38”+, 21’39”+ (partials and the long shots) Maureen McCormick in light green micro, suntan pantyhose. At 24’37”, Maureen McCormick in red mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 6

Scene at 8’28”+, Maureen McCormick in blue mid-thigh, nude pantyhose, friend in plaid mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose: both scurry into the room, they both sit, and their hemlines rising higher. At 20’49”+, party scene of that era, with mid-thighs or better and pantyhose on all of the girls, including Maureen McCormick in the red/white/blue micro from S3E5, except one in yellow tights and bare (hasn’t transitioned to pantyhose yet) Eve Plumb.

Season 3, Episode 7

At 2’36”+, Maureen McCormick in green mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, bounding in and then out of the kitchen, then seated on her bed, then walking about. At 8’53”, she’s in a red mid-thigh, nude pantyhose. At 24’31”, a blue mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 9

At 1’41”+, 4’18"+ Maureen McCormick in blue mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 10

At 3’04”-8’12"+ Maureen McCormick in green plaid mid-thigh, nude pantyhose. At 16’01”, a trio of teachers watching the performance, all in pantyhose, the one on the left the nicest, looking like off-black when close up, suntan for the long shot, the one on the right making it to mid-thigh.

Season 3, Episode 11

At 19’46”, Maureen McCormick in gray mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 12

At 1’06”+, Maureen McCormick on bed, blue mid-thigh, nude pantyhose; at 5’04”, friend (in earlier scene) in brown mid-thigh, coffee pantyhose, feet – no shoes – up on couch; at 5’31”, Maureen McCormick is downstairs. At 6’33”, school scene, outside, multiple pantyhose shades; this was what going to school was like back then…a teacher, Marcia Wallace from “The Bob Newhart Show” (as well as “The Simpsons”), in gray, joins them, setting a good example in a gray mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose. At 10’32”, Maureen McCormick in plaid mid-thigh, her hemline’s to upper thighs, suntan pantyhose, then she jumps up and rushes out. At 21’51”+, Maureen McCormick in plaid mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 13

At 4’56”, Maureen McCormick in green mid-thigh, nude pantyhose; also at 19’28". At 14’10”, Maureen McCormick in green striped mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 14

At 8’09”, Maureen McCormick in green dress, which she had the hem raised an inch for, suntan pantyhose…she asked if her dress was short enough now. Later, the hem looks down, but at 24’04”, Maureen McCormick is in a blue mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 15

At 4’35”, Ann B. Davis is helped in through the second story window, landing on a bad and her trademark light blue mini’s hemline sliding up to mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, particularly when she falls on her keister on the floor.

Season 3, Episode 19

At 9’11”, aqua mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, from right to left in background. At 13’41”, Maureen McCormick in blue mid-thigh, nude pantyhose.

Season 3, Episode 21

At 17’51”, Maureen McCormick debuts a pair of off-black pantyhose, seen worn here with her red plaid mid-thigh.

Season 3, Episode 22

At 15’18”, she’s initially seated, then arises, during which a pink mid-thigh with off-black pantyhose walks from right to left in the background (16’30”), then walks off (too bad they had them in clunky shoes!). At 20’07”, Maureen McCormick in a red mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, her friend, in a tan mid-thigh, up to this scene going bare, but looking far better with hosiery! There are several nice close-ups with upper thigh views! At 24’03”+, some partials of the latter, but standing.

Season 3, Episode 23

At 20’15”, 23’00”, 24’19" partials of Maureen McCormick in plaid mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose.

Season 4 Summary

Representative of the fashion this year, hemlines were up :) Middle "daughter” Eve Plumb started to wear pantyhose regularly this season.

Season 4, Episode 1

At 4', Eve Plumb and Maureen McCormick walking down stairs from plane, micro-minis, suntan pantyhose; 5' partial after exiting car.

Season 4, Episode 3

At 12'24", Florence Henderson steps out of car with dress pulled up mid-thigh, maroon/pink pantyhose.

Season 4, Episode 4

[Excellent Pantyhose Sighting]. "Today I Am a Freshman" at 9'43"+, multi-colored micro, suntan pantyhose, approaches high school, Maureen McCormick soon appears in purple mid-thigh, suntan, and another in a blue micro, suntan pantyhose, who's unfortunately mostly blocked out; Maureen McCormick then walks up the stairs. In the next scene, Maureen McCormick returns home, same outfit, walks across lawn, partially up the stairs inside, then back down; at 15', she's back outside again. At 18'49, Maureen McCormick in baby blue leotard and tights, standing on her head, eventually gets down, but camera zooms in. At 21', a flock of young women in minis and above, shades of pantyhose from white to suntan to coffee, they go out and sit on the lawn chairs. This is representative of what young men saw in classrooms back then! The young women stand up again, some more nice looks before Peter's experiment goes awry, but in their distraction, the hemlines hike upwards –23'45".

Season 4, Episode 5

At 17', Eve Plumb in blue and white plaid mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose. At 21'55", girl in blue mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose runs up stairs, partial view; at 23' another with her walking out the door.

Season 4, Episode 6

At 6'56", entering room are Maureen McCormick in micro, black pantyhose, Eve Plumb in mid-thigh, suntan.

Season 4, Episode 5

At 14'10, Maureen McCormick enters kitchen in mid-thigh dress, suntan pantyhose; at 15'17" she sits on bed. At 19'44", Eve Plumb in blue mid-thigh skirt, suntan pantyhose.

Season 4, Episode 11

[Excellent Pantyhose Sighting]. "Greg's Triangle" a 1.5 minute scene starting at 9'53", Greg (Barry Williams) brings home girl (Tannis G. Montgomery) in mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, who walks about, leans over to look at a picture on the coffee table (dress pulls up slightly), then they leave, she lingers at the door, he's in her way, he steps aside, and we get another nice view. At 13'45", he's greeted by her wearing a blue pleated mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, with a couple other short skirts and pantyhose walking behind them, then another in white, then when they pause yet another walks left to rightand then Maureen McCormick with a friend, both in mid-thighs and suntan pantyhose. At 15'58", Maureen McCormick enters the girls' bedroom, flops face-first (towards us) on bed, pulls her legs up behind her. At 18'28", 3 minute scene of cheerleader tryouts, on stage, four candidates including Maureen McCormick (nice closeup of crossed legs at 20' and 21'), all in short skirts and suntan, one coffee, pantyhose. At 22'22", Maureen McCormick returns home, still in her cheerleader outfit.

Season 4, Episode 12

At 2'50", Eve Plumb in blue jumper, suntan pantyhose. At 16'14", girl in brow mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, background. At 21'40", nice partial of Eve Plumb in blue mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, again at 22'19"+ when she leans and turns, lifting her dress to upper thigh, mild at 22'47" and 23'33"+ (background).

Season 4, Episode 13

At 6'56", 8'47"+ Maureen McCormick in brown mid-thigh, suntan. At 9'53", 12'15", 13'29" Maureen McCormick in blue mid-thigh, suntan, first view from behind, then steps through onto her bicycle, second arrives back home, last steps into her bedroom for the best-lit view. At 15'58", Alice in black and white micro, black pantyhose, decent looks. At 17'10, Maureen McCormick in brown mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose. At 19'18", Maureen McCormick in purple mid-thigh, taupe pantyhose, partial; at 21'05" sits back in dentist's chair, facing us; best view at 22'24" perhaps, when she leaves the office, minor view follows.

Season 4, Episode 16

At 11'47", Maureen McCormick in red micro, suntan pantyhose; Eve Plumb in blue mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose; even Susan Olsen (Cindy) appears to be wearing pantyhose through 3 minute song.

Season 4, Episode 18

[Above Average Pantyhose Sighting].: at 1'11", a mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose approaching, we then see Maureen McCormick in a mid-thigh, suntan, meeting another in a mid-thigh, suntan; as Maureen McCormick talks with her friend, we see a variety of mid-thighs, some micros, and pantyhose (usually suntan, one off-black) passing by. At 3'56", Maureen McCormick in red mid-thigh, suntan, at 6'59" enters Greg's room. At 8'57", Maureen McCormick in brown skirt, upper thigh suntan pantyhose as she exits car, view standing 9'51". At 14'52" more micros, pink pleated mid-thigh with black pantyhose going up stairs, purple mid-thigh with suntan pantyhose (Maureen McCormick) the other way, and others. At 20'37" Maureen McCormick in mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, a dark blue mid-thigh with suntan pantyhose behind her, a light blue mid-thigh in suntan pantyhose in front of her. At 21'25", Maureen McCormick's hem rises slightly as she hustles over to sit on bench next to a lucky guy, where it of course rises. At 22'09", she stands up, nice view, then sits down again.

Season 4, Episode 21

At 1'39", Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb in mid-thighs with suntan pantyhose, Eve Plumb's hem a bit lower; at 2'17" theirs both lift when Grandma arrives; 3'38" they both rush down stairs, other views – 7'57". At 10', Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb down the stairs again, past the camera to the front door, both mid-thighs with suntan pantyhose.

Season 4, Episode 22

At 3'24", Eve Plumb and then Maureen McCormick enter her bedroom in mid-thighs, suntan pantyhose, Maureen McCormick sits on bed; shortly after, they are seen standing, one minute scene.

Season 5 Summary

Representative of fashion this year, the hemlines dropped :( - except what is found in episode 17 :) Pants were also more common. Also, they introduced a new character, a young boy, perhaps due to falling ratings, giving less screen time to the female characters. Perhaps these were factors as to why this was the last season of this series!

Season 5, Episode 1

At 18’14”, a flock of six, each wearing a mid-thigh or higher, all with suntan pantyhose, enter the room, then mob a lucky Barry Williams.

Season 5, Episode 3

At 19’08”, Florence Henderson’s orange skirt lifts enough to show some thigh ever so briefly as she twirls around.

Season 5, Episode 4

At 10’51”, 15’39”+ suntan pantyhosed legs, red dress, the latter scene with Marcia McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Ann B. Davis also in suntan hosiery, showing off thighs on their higher kicks; they’re doing “the roaring (19)20s” dancing as flapper girls.

Season 5, Episode 5

Only tempting views: at 1’02” (opening scene), though at a distance, multiple micro-minis with pantyhose, the one in light blue twice, a mid-distance the second time. At 1’37”, the partial view only includes the middle of the woman’s suntan pantyhose. At 20’48”, woman in green dress, suntan pantyhose, legs crossed at restaurant. At 21’06” woman in tan mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose; 21’56”, 22’56”.

Season 5, Episode 9

At 8’59”, guy opens car door, revealing Maureen McCormick’s suntan pantyhosed legs, mid-thigh; she’s in the passenger seat.

Season 5, Episode 10

At 1’10”, a little over a minute of young ballerinas, including Marica McCormick, Eve Plumb and their adult instructor (Judy Landon): white tights with one-piece black outfits. At 6’37”, Eve Plumb has switched to a dark green skirt, swings around, close to mid-thigh view of her suntan pantyhose…at 7:20, she’s switched to shorts, full view of her thighs…at 10’07”, she’s in a red mid-thigh with white trim. At 11’53”, partial - though from knees up - Maureen McCormick in red leotard, nice view. At 13’18”-21’59”, various sightings of Eve Plumb in gray, then white mid-thigh (best is on floor 15’02”-where her dress slides up-particularly when she arises). At 18’57”, a pair of mid–thighs, one in white pantyhose, then fade to long shot of gray dress, suntan pantyhose, on stage, then partial of Eve Plumb in white dress, mid-thigh when she’s seated, then she arises and goes up on stage, where it rises to that level as she reaches to get her light blue coat. At 19’35”+, suntan pantyhose of audience members.

Season 5, Episode 12

At 1’14”, Maureen McCormick’s light blue skirt is close to mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose.At 24’21”, Florence Henderson’s pink skirt has risen close to mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose.

Season 5, Episode 13

At 1’37”, Eve Plumb in white mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose, nice view of her running up stairs, pausing partway - when the view goes from long shot to mid-shot - and then right after, when she's in her room. At 12’08”+, Eve Plumb is in another light multi-colored mid–thigh, suntan pantyhose.

Season 5, Episode 17

At 1’06”, establishing shot with two mid-thighs, at least one in pantyhose (white, mid-thigh). At 1’10”, sensational pink micro-mini, suntan pantyhose, leaning over water fountain…even though it’s a partial, it’s an eye-catcher! Be sure to pause, the look right, for just after a baby blue micro walks towards us, suntan pantyhose. At 1’57”+, a hallway of other micro-minis, suntan pantyhose, as was the “norm” back in those days. Yes, male attendance was no doubt at an all-time high at school back then! At 5’23”, Eve Plumb in multi-color mid-thigh, suntan pantyhose.

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