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Providing a comprehensive database of Movies, TV shows, Music Videos & Video Games featuring women wearing PANTYHOSE and/or SPANDEX. Now with 2,742 individual entries!!

Thanks again to PanDet for adding video for Season 1, Episodes 6, 7, 8, 9, 13 of The Dukes Of Hazzard, Season 3 Episode 1 of Misfits, video for Killer Party, Sette Scialli Di Seta Gialla

Thanks goes to Neil44 for adding a clip from Season 7, Episode 3 of America's Best Dance Crew. Thanks also to BL for adding screenshots for Season 1, Episode 12 of The Fall Guy. Thanks also to JohnC for adding a new entry with Teenangel. Thanks to HB for adding a new clip from Cham Dai Ngok. Big Thanks also to PanDet who added lots of new entries including Blood Money, I Kissed a Vampire, The Butterfly Effect 2, Il Sergente Rompiglioni, Erotikkuna Kankei, Maske in Blau, The Edge and Lover Come Back. PanDet also added new video for Season 2-Episode 6 and Season 3-Episode 16 of Three’s Company.

Thanks goes to BL for adding a new entry with Rat Race.

More thanks goes to PanDet for adding another clip for an episode of Sos Mi Vida, video for Squadra Antiscippo and Sweet Revenge, 2 new music videos from 2NE1 and Jowell and Randy. PanDet also sent through 3 Unknown Movies (#36, #37 and #38), if you recognize these, please let me know. Thanks also to JohnN for adding a new adult movie with Road Service and the video for Femme De Sade.

Donations keep coming in, which is fantastic - thank you so much everyone!! I'll keep those funds in there for next year! So, onto updates... PanDet added I, Madman, Painting the Clouds with Sunshine, Return of the Killer Shrews, Star 80, Suivez Cet Avion, The Ladies Man, The Odd Couple, Leverage, O Papa-Souzas and Defendor. PanDet also added video for s1e21 and s4e3 of Hawaii Five-O, lots of videos for The Partridge Family, video for Captain America: The First Avenger, La Dérobade, Profilage and Season 2 of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. More tomorrow!

DONE! We have enough funding to pay for hosting. Thanks to all of you who have donated!!

You guys are AWESOME!!! I've received a number of donations already, covering close to half the hosting fees already! Thank you SO much to all of those who have donated to NiFDb!! If you haven't already donated, please help us out and keep this website alive and ticking for another full year.

Thanks to BD for adding new commentary and rating for My Tutor, cleaning up Tuff Turf, adding a new entry with A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, new screenshots for new episodes of Two and a Half Men. I've added three more videos to Acrobatics thanks to HB's links. Thanks to Gosub for adding a better (and longer) video for Kiss or Kill.

The NiFDb hosting bill has arrived, I've got 5 days to pay it :-( for those of you who appreciate the work done here and like to keep NiFDb site up and running and advertising free, please help out by donating. You can do so here paypalbutton.jpg. NiFDb is a non-for-profit website, so your donations go only to hosting fees, nothing else. Appreciate any help!

Thanks goes to DavidI for sending me the link for Kylie Minogue's new music video clip, Sexercise. Thanks also to PanDet for adding two videos to T-ara. Thanks also to HB for sending me links to videos in the new page for Acrobatics, more to come soon. Finally for today, thanks to BD for adding a new entry with Baggage Claim.

Thanks goes to PanDet for adding Revenge, Season 2, Episode 15 & 16 of Batman (TV Series), Season 2 Episode 6 of Buff the Vampire Slayer (TV Series), s08e1,2,13; s10e10,22,25; s11e14,22 of Married With Children, adding a better quality video for Slugs: The Movie, new videos for Quando La Coppia Scoppia, In Time and Red Shoe Diaries.

Wow, thanks goes to MysteryMan for finally identifying Unknown Movie #2, after 3.5 years! Its Alien Warrior. Thanks goes to Magneto for adding Glappet. Thanks goes to JohnN for providing a better video for L'éventreur De Notre-Dame. Thanks also to BD for adding new Season 1 episodes and fixing some of the existing entries in Absolutely Fabulous. Thanks to PanDet for adding Corazón Valiente, Clinton and Nadine, Lexx, Jue Se Wu Qi, Oxford Blues and Profil Ubijcy. More tomorrow.

Thanks again to PanDet for adding 2 new video game entries with Vindictus and No More Heroes. Thanks also to Joe from Chicago for adding three new video clips for the Dum Dum Girls. Thanks also to Syl for adding a new music video with Daddy Yankee. Thanks to gosub for adding So You Think You Can Dance? Australia s02e24 and a new video for Killing Me Softly and La Tarea

The reign of PanDet continues, new entries with Carry on at Your Convenience, Gwang Tin Lung Fu Wui, Dragonwolf, Afterburn, Stella and Giornata Nera Per L'ariete, and new video for Burlesque, Attenti Al Buffone, Di Che Segno Sei?, Mad Men s04e10, Gossip Girl s02e13-25 and Sabrina The Teenage Witch Season 1.

Thanks again to JohnN for adding a video to The Winning Stroke. Big thanks to PanDet for adding A Doppia Faccia, BattleQueen 2020 and Being Erica. More to come

Wow, I come back from holiday and my inbox is jammed full! Thanks to everyone for contributing - hang tight as I process them all and add them to the wiki!!
Thanks goes to BD for adding a new entry with Ski School 2, thanks goes to Mystery Man & FredG for identifying Unknown#35 as Highlander TV Series, thanks also to tuck for adding a new entry with Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, thanks to JohnN for adding a video to Madam Satan, thanks goes to HB for identifying Unknown#23 as Lucha A Muerte

Thanks goes to DavidH for adding additional commentary to Slap Her, She's French!. HB is looking for help identifying 2 new Unknown Movies (#34 & 35). Thanks also to Gwai Mui Lover for adding Covergirl Pantyhose Commercial. Thanks also to JohnC for adding two new entries with The Revengers' Comedies and Sweet Revenge.This will likely be my last post for ~2 weeks as I'm going for a summer vacation.

I've added a new spandex entry; The Jump.

More thanks to PanDet for adding video to Aces: Iron Eagle III, The Dark Knight Rises and a new music video clip for the band AOA. Thanks also to HB for adding The Tales of Hoffman. Thanks to JackN for adding a video to La Gouvernant.

Thanks goes to sgtc for spotting a scene in s7e17 of Married with Children. Thanks also to JohnC for spotting a couple of scenes in Bloodsucking Freaks. More thanks to thieph for spotting a scene in Alien Uprising, I'll hunt around for a better quality video...Guess who's back? PanDet added loads of new entries as follows; 24 Chasa, Alligator Eyes, Kill Buljo: The Movie, Alice (TV Mini Series), Xi Yang Tian Shi, My Normal, The Pumpkin Karver and Chained Heat. PanDet also added video for Me Without You (Scene's 4 & 5), National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Silent House and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. More to come soon.

Thanks to HB for adding a new entry with The Blue Bird. I'm also continuing to work on converting entries by adding thumbnails and changing video format to MP4 and stripping unnecessary fluff footage from around the scene.

Thanks goes to HB for adding a new video game entry with Winter Sports 2011: Go for Gold. Thanks to Gosub for adding s04e01, s04e06 and s04e13 of Married With Children.

Thanks goes to Joe from Chicago for adding a new music video clip from Niagara. I also added a new entry with Australia's The Block.

Added Episode 89 for Les Filles D’à Côté. Thanks goes to Gwai Mui Lover for adding a new entry with Tôku Tu Za Deddo. One more tiny video for Krrish 3 thanks to HB. And finally, thanks to AnthonyH for adding 21 Jump Street.

Wow - thanks everyone for taking the Survey - got a lot of responses!! So let me share with you the results.
- Spandex entries seem to be very unpopular! 57% of you gave it a 1 and 83% gave it a score of less than 5!!
- Pantyhose entries are VERY important it seems. 90% of you gave it a 10 and 97% of you gave it a score of more than 5.
- The large majority of you said you wouldn't be bothered if I added advertising
- 79% of you gave the site a score of 6 or more for the design/look/feel
- Similar ratings for the functionality of NiFDb too
- No-one seems to care if I get rid of the Twitter feed, only a small fraction of you cared if that remains
- I was surprised that there was an even distribution of visitors using the search function
- Great results with overall satisfaction of NiFDb, 89% of you gave it a score of 8, 9 or 10
I'm going to go through the fantastic comments you all left and see where I can implement any of them into the site. Again, thanks everyone!!
Thanks goes to HB for adding a new entry with Krrish 3.

Thanks goes to MK for identifying Unknown 31 as Fresno. Thanks also to Gwai Mui Lover for adding a new entry with Tengoku No Koi.

Survey Time!! Would love to get your feedback on a couple of questions and hear what recommendations you have, so if you have a spare moment - please respond to THE SURVEY. Added a video for Hound Dogs. Thanks goes to Gwai Mui Lover for adding a new music video entry with Girls' Generation. I'm also in the process of adding thumbnails to the entries which will obviously take a long time, but all new entries will get thumbnails and slowly over time I will convert existing entries.

Another massive thanks to PanDet for adding the following new entries; Angelfist, Jack Says, Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Secret Agent Man, Point Blank, Hidden 3D, Zhestkoe Vremya, Tian Shi Xing Dong III Mo Nu Mo Ri, CSI: NY, Unknown 30, 31, 32 & 33. Also, new video for Dèmoni, Olivia, Mork & Mindy s01e06, Milano Rovente, Quante Volte... Quella Notte and The Pretender Season 2.

Thanks goes to BD for adding a new entry with Red 2. Thanks also to vetalic1984 for adding a music video from Turslet.

Thanks goes to HB for adding a video for Oroblu Pantyhose. Thanks goes to gosub for adding more video for the Katy Perry Part of Me Documentary. Thanks also to JohnC for adding a new entry with Riot on Sunset Strip.

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